Do you know that? You want to have a party, but not have in your house as much space, but a garden? Your guests should but be protected from wind, sun and rain plus all also have a sitting? Now, in case the use of party tents for sale is recommended. Party tents are available in many different price ranges, quality variations and forms. You can either rent or buy yourself.

The advantages are apparent

  • A party tent you can wherever it fits (easy) to build and break down again
  • You can rent them or buy
  • They come in different shapes and sizes
  • Party tents (and pavilions) are depending on the scale of the celebration extensible (plug-ins)
  • They are available with a variety of product characteristics (e.g., As waterproof, UV-absorbing)
  • You can use a different party tent. For example, a bar, dance floor, dining room, snack bar, storage room, etc.)

If you want to use a party tent now for your next party, then this is a good decision. But whether buy or rent, you should not indiscriminately take the first best offer, but you first make little thoughts, what should your tent everything can and what you want it to use.

What is important

  • What do I want to use the tent? (As already mentioned z. B. the dance floor, stockroom or dinner room?)
  • How many people are in the party tent have space? (Standing or sitting)
  • Assembly / dismantling of the tent (you can do that alone with a friend or perhaps make you need for installation professionals?)
  • Product features such as waterproof, sunscreen, UV-resistant, weight, transportability, low-wear components (i.e., stainless metals), durability)
  • Shape of the tent (round or square usually better party tent)
  • How often will you use it and what you want to spend? (Here decides then whether rent or buy)
  • Stability of the tent (robust or simple metal construction)
  • Mobility of the tent (permanently installed party tent or mobile, is depending on how often built up and down)
  • Optional Accessories/delivery (z. B. side parts, Ersatzösen, Awning)
  • Costs for repair/purchase of accessories

What options are there

Depending on the application you choose your tent. Size and shape play a significant role. The known forms of party tents, we present the hereafter.

(Gardening) Pavilion

The most common way, which probably knows as much as any of you. Many call gazebo already their own. The default size is 3 x 3 meters here. These pavilions you can now buy at the hardware store. However is particularly the case here, the cheaper, the worse mostly the quality and hence shorter service life. The construction is with two people quite feasible and is quite fast. Sides are depending on the model already in the processor available as an option. If you want to invite friends to barbecue in the garden, the pavilion is just right for you.


A pagoda is used mainly for festive events (weddings, corporate and sponsor events). Through its pointed roof (hence Sami tent called) it looks elegant and is an eye. You can use them or combine, resulting in a very impressive sight when several Spitz tents are next to each other individually. Depending on the size, they can be set up with two people.

Folding Tent

A folding tent is ideal for the ring structure. You are not stuck together as pavilions, but as the name suggests, folded and build the metal rod is easily pulled apart. These tents are ideally suited for mobile use.

Party tent

Party tents are suitable for large events. For example, for gala dinners, weddings or club parties. They are quite expensive to purchase and are therefore rented rather from professional providers. They are available in various sizes, with side walls with or without windows and are designed so that they can be combined on a modular basis. You may, however, usually only by qualified personnel (tent master) are constructed, which costs again.

Beer tent/marquee

This form of party tents is mainly used for large public events. Large tents have space for several hundreds of people, and therefore require a lot of space. They are built by professional development team (tent champion), equipped with plenty of beer sets and beer benches and often have even a stage with it. Then individual floor tiles will be installed at the bottom.

Camp tent

These are simple tents with no frills, purely for the storage of materials. Just for Event kitchens, these tents are gladly accepted. Often, portable cooling units are set up in such a storage tents.

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Poor quality sleep can cause headaches, back pain or even neck pain. To sleep well, you need above all a pillow for your body type. This buying guide will inform you about the different characteristics of the pad intended for you. The pillow of your dreams exists! To avoid ending up with cervical stewed on waking, better to have a good pillow. The key to finding one that will make us sleep a restful sleep.

Pillow: what is the # 1 rule for making the right choice?

When your head rests on the pillow, make sure it is in line with the spine to create no neck or back strain. Just choose the thickness of your pillow based on your build. If you have broad shoulders, choose a compact model of 12-13cm thick, especially if you sleep on your side. The pad will come to fill the hollow of the neck and avoid compression at the shoulder. Conversely, for menu templates, with narrow shoulders, the model should be thinner (8-9cm). It is recommended to opt for bamboo memory foam pillow.

Sleeping on your back, stomach or side, it changes what?

On the side. Prefer a thicker model (from 9cm) to maintain proper alignment of the spine.
On the belly (the least comfortable position!), Opt for a flat 5-6cm thick so as not to “break” the neck and arch your back. And resist the urge to hug your pillow in your arms, you age graveries your arch!
On the back. The thickness has made little importance.

Soft or firm?

Regardless, it’s all about comfort. However, models or synthetic foam, both firm and compact, offer excellent neck support.
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Shape: square or rectangular, it is the same?

The square shape (65cm high x 65cm wide) is the standard format in France. However, its dimensions are less practical than they look. As take up much space in the bed, the sleeper quickly cramped, has the annoying habit of folding his pillow. At the expense of his neck who suffer! Prefer the rectangular format (50cm x 70cm). Less bulky and wide, it can turn around easily in the night, his head still finding refuge on the pillow. Convenient for those who move a lot.

Which size?

This choice depends on your type of sleep and comfort of your search. Some of the many sizes, two kinds of pillows are distinguished: square and rectangular.

60x60cm and 65x65cm sizes are most standards but other square sizes like 40x60cm or 50x70cm sized to reduce clutter and keep the cervical vertebrae.

When choosing, make sure that the pillow selected corresponds to the size of your pillowcase. Otherwise, we offer a range of bed linen in which you’ll probably find a suitable pad.

Fluff, foam or synthetic fiber?

  • Down. We love the cozy side and swelling. Choose a model that contains at least 50?% Down, and change in every five years. Prefer goose feathers to that duck: they are more expensive but more thin and volatile. Attention to prevent persons with allergies. From 80 €.
  • Foam. Polyurethane foam or latex (natural), it does not warp, is hypoallergenic and will keep between 7 and ten years. Weigh it: the heavier it is, the better. From € 30.
  • Synthetic fiber. Hypoallergenic, it is also cheap (allow € 30 for high quality). But its hollow fiber, polyester, compacts quickly and after three years it is shriveled. Another problem: he tends to promote sweating.

What about ergonomic models?

Often wave-shaped, ergonomic pillows adapt to the contours of your head and your neck to support your neck correctly. They play a significant role. Ergonomic pillows are available in different shapes, dimensions, and packing. You will find as well. That suits your sleeping habits and your comfort requirement.

Thermosensitive, the pillow form or viscoelastic memory foam, allows all your muscles relax. You choose this type of ergonomic pillow if you want to improve your comfort, even if you change position during the night.

Shaped wave, kind of pillow has a high part to secure it against the (s) shoulder (s) to fill precisely the hollow of the neck. It may be suitable for those suffering from neck and back pain, headaches or waking up. 100% natural latex, derived from the sap of rubber trees, it is hypoallergenic. The version in the form of memory foam surprising because it molds itself to the contours of the neck and head, like a plasticine! Approx. € 65.

Say “yes” to these pillows to say goodbye to aches in the morning!

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2x Cooking At The Campsite: Fish Stew And Tortillas

During our last vacation, I saw the way another great solution to this problem. Our neighbors were resolved as follows. The first week we saw the neighbor and drag along with the kids, and the neighbor was nice to fill up with a book. There was eaten outside the door if food was taken. The second week was his turn to get some gas and take back what was besotted and barbecued and last week They just did everything together again, and the children were sitting on the potatoes and carrots with fish.

In addition to camping meal ideas, I received for my summer-camp-heading a cartload of practical tips. But perhaps the most fun came from the family Scholten. That fact had not only a recipe but above all a wise counsel for the modern traveler. Camping is an escape. And camp cook at all. I was acutely quite quietly. Do you read me, please?

Homemade time: “To make each camp meal a pleasure, we always provide a modest amount of homemade time. The fresher the better. Recommended method: Place a burner in the grass for your tent. Sit next to a little camping chair. Within reach: a table with a knife, cutting mat, the fetched on the market were fresh and each a cold beer or white wine. Now please take a swig and toast a couple of slices of bread, little goodies on it and feast but firmly. ”

Fish Market: “Use a frying pan to fry some chopped garlic in olive oil four large ripe tomatoes into pieces may there with some salt and pepper, boil 10 minutes. A Large glass of water with it, simmer another 5 minutes. Kilo fish steaks (which they had on the market: sea bream, monkfish, cod, all right) and there are biting leave to cook. Sprinkle with freshly cut parsley. Can someone from your party meanwhile generate some green lettuce? Pour some wine.

“If everything is sauntered you with little dishes to wash, do not pay too much attention to all the attributes needed by your neighbors for their meal or barbecue and you are guaranteed a few minutes back to your tent. Bulging with a good book. ”

So, do you also immediately inside a prescription. This fish stew originally comes from the unsurpassed Claudia Roden and ‘smell alone has given us often passing compliments of Italian campers. ”

Recipe tortilla with chorizo (There is still placed for a second recipe inspired by a tip from reader Monique van ‘t Erve.)


Needed for four people:

750g waxy potatoes
One large onion
Four roasted peppers (from a jar)
Five large eggs
150 g chorizo
± eight tablespoons olive oil

To stay in style only a very soothing Zen job: Cut the peeled potatoes into thin slices. The onion ditto. The chorizo may in tiny cubes. Heat a generous splash of olive oil in a large skillet (at least Ø 25 cm), put potato, onion and chorizo alternately in layers in the pan and sprinkle some salt in between. Allow fifteen minutes yarn shovel regularly useful. Meanwhile, whisk in a large bowl, dissolve the eggs. Pepper oil can be used as, vinegar first rinse under the tap. Cut into thin strips and add it. Check that the potatoes have been cooked, if not a little longer. Pour the entire contents of the AAR apple pan at the egg into the bowl and toss to combine. Let stand 5 minutes. Tipper bowl empties well above the hot frying pan and press with a spatula. Bake under cover at fairly low heat until the tortilla is almost entirely stable (± 15 minutes). Place a large shallow plate on the pan, turn altogether and let the tortilla upside down gently slide back into the pan. Fry also this side still at most 5 minutes. Serve with a green salad.


• Monique does still grated cheese, but it does not really in a Spanish tortilla. As nobody stops you, of course.
• Potatoes should decide first simmer the egg is added. With slices of cooked potatoes are obviously faster.
• The beaten egg not simply pour into the pan with it but first mix with the vegetables. Otherwise, you will not get nice, coherent cake.
• Peppers roast can cook also on the barbecue: enough bbq, let rest, preferably in a plastic bag, and then skin and seeds disconnect.

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